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EC Publishing, Inc.

North Carolina - South Carolina - Virginia - Tennessee - Kentucky

EC Publishing, Inc., publishes event magazines in the Carolinas (North Carolina, South Carolina), Virginia and Tennessee & Kentucky. The magazines are published in a magazine format quarterly and are complete guides to festivals, fairs, tours, pilgrimages, arts and crafts shows, rodeos and rendezvous, historical reenactments, pow-wows, auto, boat and RV shows, antique fairs and expositions in their respective state.

Featuring an extensive three-month calendar and Centerfold Map locator guide, as well as features and articles on places and events to visit as well as things to do, Festival Magazines are handy and popular resources for tourists, travelers, shoppers, artisans, craftsmen, vendors, entertainers and concessionaires.

Kentucky Festivals & Events magazine and Tennessee Festivals & Events magazine are also available.

Festival magazines are distributed statewide through a Complimentary Distribution Program that includes paid subscriptions, newsstand sales, welcome groups and welcome centers.

If you would like a complimentary copy of a magazine, please email with your mail address and indicate which state you would prefer - put Send Festival Magazine in Subject Field.

EC Publishing, Inc. magazines provide a free listing by date for all festivals, fairs, special events and places in all editions. To be listed or for a complimentary copy, call (800) 357-0121 or email info@festivalnews.info.

To order by mail, download subscription pdf here (297k) please send check or money order to:

EC Publishing, Inc.
PO Box 845
Abingdon, VA 24212

Choose your subscription to your state's edition or as many states as you would like.

NC/SC [Carolina] editions are published 4X per year.

VA editions are published 3X per year.

Kentucky Festivals & Events newspaper and Tennessee Festivals & Events newspaper are also available. Contact Ms. Jerlene Rose, jerlene@kytenn-festivals.com or call (606) 663-1011.