Summer Arts & Crafts Market

In the picturesque mountain town of Dillsboro, North Carolina, the third annual Summer Arts & Crafts Markets will line Front Street on Saturday, August 19, 2017, from 10am to 4pm. This family-oriented market will showcase the local crafters, plus the merchants of Dillsboro.
Over 40 booths will provide many of the local handcrafted arts and crafts indicative of our mountain region—jewelry, wood, oil painting, weaving, candle making, needle crafts, and much more. At this festival, much of the focus is on demonstrating the techniques of the crafts, and providing an outlet for our local crafters.
Dillsboro, a walk-about-town, is home to many potters who invite visitors into their studios, demonstrating the art of making pottery. Creating a vessel from clay is an ancient art. Potters prospect raw earth and use it to create priceless vessels that will withstand the test of time. Each step in the overall pottery process is an art in it's self—even the demonstration of making pottery is an art. During the festivals held in Dillsboro, take the time to stroll through the shops and observe the artists as they share their talents:

Rabbit Creek Pottery (Church Street)—Annie Burrell demonstrates her craft at this gallery, offering a whimsical mixture of functional stoneware pottery and one of a kind raku hand built angels, saints and goddesses.

Tree House Pottery (Front Street)—this gallery showcases a wide variety of pottery created by Joe Frank McKee and Travis Berning, as well as work by several other potters.

Riverwood Pottery (Craft Circle)—This shop features decorative and functional stoneware, porcelain and salt-ware created by Brant and Karen Barnes, along with daughter Zan. Handmade beads and jewelry are also featured.

Tunnel Mountain Crafts (Front Street)—Connie Hogan will be demonstrating the trimming of yarn bowls during the festival. Tunnel Mountain Crafts presents locally made arts and crafts, and features functional and decorative pottery.

Dogwood Crafters (Webster Street)—This cooperative craft shop showcases handmade treasures created by regional artisans who continue the old-time Appalachian craft traditions, including pottery from many of the local potters.

As a fundraiser for their scholarship efforts, the nonprofit organization, Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, will be in attendance. Offerings will include a pint of mixed pickles (beans, corn and cabbage) made the old-time way in a crock. Be sure to stop by and have a taste and visit with the members of this organization.   

To top off the day, a full day of local entertainers will be serenading the crowd from the stage at Church Street. Come bring the family, and enjoy a craft-filled summer day in the historic town of Dillsboro on Saturday, August 19, 2017!    

For more information, email Connie Hogan, owner of Tunnel Mountain Crafts,, or call her at 828-586-3511.      

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